[Audio sample of mother talking to child]

[Verse 1: Alias]
I remember sitting, watching through the haze
Amazed by her, "I long for those surreal days
Of inspiration in human form"
Is my realization upon thought now
How I wish to view myself in third person stance
For a refreshing of the memory, how I long to return
I now sit in a parked car, looking at that house
Wishing I could enter, but it's not possible
Perhaps when I return from my travels that sign will be there
But at present time, I'm stuck with memories of her
Especially since I'm so involved with music
She's one reason I've evolved
She's one reason why my brother can pick up an instrument
And learn it in a matter of minutes
How to play
I can recall her vividly teaching me chopsticks
At the age of five and dancing around the table
With my sister to the tune of "Yellow Bird"
The way she played
I thought I was that yellow bird
Flying around that table, floating, I felt so alive
I felt so young and care-free, so care-free
If she only knew the impact on me
Sitting next to her and listenting at an early age helped me
I believe that by her doing that, and having me read along
Instilled the value of knowing
Knowing things that helped me
Use my imagination

[Verse 2: Alias]
Now imagine having inspiration taken away in the winter
I ask you what is more depressing
Me left guessing where to go next, and feeling lost
It's funny how the pain has stopped
But it only just begun
Strange how it was transferred directly to my soul from hers
And now I'm a different person, I just realized
You've never been overwhelmed with sadness
Until you've heard "Amazing Grace" echo off the walls of a church
You used to frequent with whom the song is being played for
I heard that song in a whole new light that snowy mid-winter morning
And now I'm mourning my inspiration's passing
Numb with emotions and I'm left asking "Why?"
As the snow fell
I fell into my seat
Tears fell from my eyes
My heart fell to my feet
The fairness in all of this was non-existent
But relieved by the fact that our relationship was quite persistent
I thought I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye
As father asked us to bow our heads
And I'm guessing
That was her way of saying
Her last goodbye

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