Concentrate on this wave of sound with the grace of falling towers
Overpower each percussion hit with a split personality
I'm growing accustomed to feeling down in the dumps
and my tongue is sore and filled with teeth marks
This is sounding all too familiar, let's change the topic to music
I'm tired of talking, I'm eager to write in the first person point of view
I'm also looking forward to collapsing from it all
I went from unhappy to weirdness to unhappy once again
It's a boring mess of sixteen measure soundbites
and stretched out lambskin that isn't even mine
I also feel inclined to mention that gut-wrenching feeling will not subside
I ride in the uncertainty lane constantly biting my nails
and glancing at the planes that keep passing over,
longing to be on the inside, splitting a soda
with the guy three seats ahead of me
I didn't say hello? How socially dead of me
How are you? Insert small talk here..

Please pass the "how are you's."
I'm not trying to prove a point to the walking dead
and use my songs as smelling salts to get inside your head
Set off some introspect. Welcome to my world of jesters,
the aforementioned and lost intellect
Let's play "who's got it worst."

I'm sure to lose but I'll be a good sport to keep it smooth
and act as though I got something to prove to everyone around me
Surrounding me with extended fingers
Feel free to curl them inward, now sit and ponder that
I'm tired of the preconceived. Let's all put our emotions on the table
Tell me what you think of that. Okay, how 'bout the next one?
My level of concern was left in ME,
it created more room for the big "T"
and now that's running low (haha)
The skill is gone to the break of those points, whichever comes first
Creative bursts from a joint with outbursts
Rehearsed response never hurts but becomes overdone
Let's all put our wax lips on
and pretend that we're all having lots of fun for the sake of whoever
Don't get upset and set up something clever to be said to prove a point,
clench down on where it's sore
Laughter and whispers have caused ears to sprout in the back of my head
and have me feeling like I'm standing on a trap door


Let's play "who's got it worst." I keep losing
Abusing the things I value most, what's my problem?
Well, not to brag or boast, but I can't count the times
I've been on the verge of losing the urge to continue this journey into myself
I've sat down with those who don't have the time to discover their losses
Theirs, not mine. I'm quite aware of where my belongings and my stance is
Time to get used to the glances and head checks for myself
and it's time to stop thinking and tone it down
for the mental health of the one who's on the outside of the window
"There's the bright side now!"
I'll tiptoe over Jenn and get out of her side of the bed
and somehow smile at the things that usually upset me
"Turn that frown upside-down!"
This is the motivational tape guessed it
Don't mind me, don't mind me, don't mine me..


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