(I'm missing 2 chords near the end, sorry... but I think the rest is right on)

No ... start strumming on "worth"

Is it worth it? You gotta wonder.
No sane person, would say it was.
It's for certain, we're going under.
Things ain't working, between the two of us.

Is it worth it to go on trying?
Or keep rehearsing, and getting worse.
Let's close the curtain, this act's dying.
We did our version, it didn't work.

Is it worth, the price we are paying?
Is it worth, the damage being done?
Is it worth, the both of us staying?
? ?
If you think so, then you're the only one.


Is it worth it? What are we doing?
Let's not be martyrs for the sake of love.
This is a burden of our own choosing.
It'd be smarter if we gave up.

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