You've finally gone and done it
You broke it right in two
There's no way you can fix it
So pocket your excuse
Don't tell me that you're sorry
That'll only make it worse
I'm tired of your stories
I know it word for word

I make no bones about it
Stupid is as stupid does
I had to learn the hard way
You're a man that I can't trust
If only I'd known sooner
I was going to be betrayed
I would've left the first time
I ever heard you say

I didn't mean to break your heart
I apologise
If you'll just give me one more chance
There'll be no next time
I promise I will never break your heart
Again, Again, Again

Right now it's a hurting
But I'll be O.K.
I'll pick up both the pieces
And be on my way
You know that I love you
That's been my mistake
So before I go let's hear it
Once more for old times sake

End Break

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