Ie Ie Iê
Ie Ie Iô

2x Black Green Yellow
Jamaican Colors

2x I say : Black is the color of the Universe (
And tha people a fights to equal rights and Justice (

2x You take, You Take, You take and go High

2x My Soul is Green
because i smoke tha plant of liberty!

2x You Take...

My finger is Yellow
because i never give it up
( because i never give up tha fight no!)

Black Green Yellow Jah Make tha colors

Uuuu Justice 2x

I Say : When this colors is in my mind
My eyes turn Red
And make a unification from tha colors of Jamica &
Black Red gReen Yellow
Jamaica & Africa Colors
Black Red Green Yellow o o o

Ie Ie Ie
Ie Ie Io...

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