I plunge my index finger in the wet blood
On your powerless defeated redeemer; and
wrote on the edge of the thorny crown:
"The true evil prince, the king of slaves."
I looked at abyss and saw the glassy eye
Of your terrible Jehovah and hurled him bythe beard.
I raise the axe from ashes and open your skull eaten by worms.

In nomine satanas
The Horrors of war for bastard
In nomine satanas
Blaspheming Father, Son and Holy Spirit
In nomine satanas
Annihilation to peace messengers
In nomine satanas
The throne will be washed by blood
In nomine satanas
Health to the strong death to the weak
In nomine satanas(3x)

Cursed are the sheep of god
'Cause they will be bled loght snow

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