Man has been always under god's ire
He wouldn't accept cults to other god's
Therefore, he punished the people with
Starvation, diseases and death
And man always wanted
Abundance, luxury, knowledge and love

So, Solomon, tired of praising
The god of penitence and pride
Decided to praise other god's
He built a temple to Camosh, Dagon and Moloch
When Solomon died, his son made two calves of gold
An homage to Beelzebu

Each nation had it's own god
Huge, luxuriant temples were raised
Babylon praised Sucoth-Benoth
In Cuta, Nergal was god
In Hamath, sacrifices and gifts to Ashima
The Serfavite burned their children
In the fires of Adramelech and Anamelech
God's of luxury and abundance
And so it goes...

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