One day, when suddenly by fortune
We saw the U.F.O.'s fly
They brought us the so-called paradise
They were spooking from the sky
Desert became a blooming garden
Like a dainty recreation field
Everybody's keenest dreams came true
Even gigantomaniacs were thrilled

Frogmen lifted treasures
Everybody got their parts
It was a worldwide pleasure
We all landed in the charts

No horse that didn't win the race
They found their destination
As if they were shot through the space
It was a big sensation

My neighbour lived in the middle ages
His castle was cheaply rented
Everybody now could explore the past
'Cause the time-continuum-robot was invented
And then as skywriters signalized
Their majesties the extraterrestians
And when they came down in sparkling haze
We called them the space-pedestrians
There seemed to be happiness for eternity
Mankind scored more and more
Until one day the young growing up generation
Called this age an apocalyptic bore

There was nothing to fight for "no love no hate"
Only a quivering in the air
Kids had taken all their skybikes
And were leaving for the big bear
Dark shadows burst through the universe
Mother earth was really shocked
All hopes all dreams had disappeared
All ways, all minds were locked

The flood came

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