I heard about
A place they call Blind Square
In the middle
Of prophesied land
Surrounded by
A wall of mirrors
Two hundred feet high
And transparent
I tried very hard
To reach there
On a camel
I saved from a cook's sneer
After seventy days
And seventy nights
I finally arrived
At the corners of Blind Square

A collection of clouds
At the reception
The egg-eyed doorman
Was serving a blink
Two ravens on his shoulder
He whispered:
Don't run so fast
If you want to see anything
I passed
The wizard's wonky blizzards
When a phone box
Came sailing though the air
And a zebra
Walked in to Blind Square
Reciting loudly
The whole alphabet
Hope you can see me
Here in my barrel
The governor
Of the Blind Square District
Came rolling along
In slow-motion pictures
Handing me a form-sheet
And Shakespeare's pen
I fell asleep
In the waterfall museum
And I heard the songs
Of the seven Sirens
I saw the children
They forgot their names
Playing all day long
On the wings of a crane
And the colour-blind legends
Were melting
In the heat of the sun, the heat of the sun

When Hawknose Harlequin came
And told me something
About the children's gun
Smiling in his wheelchair
On the stairs of Blind Square

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