Mr Kraut's jinx was an Egyptian sphinx
It happened during his holiday to the Valley of Kings
He got hypnotised like Peter Pan by the moon
The strength of a smell made him quite dizzy soon
And suddenly there were cobwebs all over

And thoughts of forgotten riddles returned
It was like the Fata Morganas that weren't
When saucers seemed to carry him up to the sky
Mr Kraut choked in a soundless cry
Considering those imaginations

And the pictures in his eyes began to swim
When the extraterrestrials whispered to him
Now he knew the strangers were there for real
He wasn't dreaming 'cause he still could feel
When he pinched himself as a precaution

And he thought by himself
Wherever I stay
Whatever I think
Whatever I say
Whatever I mean
Whatever I dream
I'm betrayed and sold
I am controlled
What will be there
What will be there tomorrow

He was flying high for one night and one day
He knew he was already light years away
He was still disturbed and rather blind
What kind of new world was he going to find
But he felt they soon would be landing

And schemes of shadows were drifting by
He felt like an animal, scared and shy
The invisible ship by whoever it was steered
Landed softly but immediately disappeared
What the hell were they going to do with him?

Somehow he was glad, but he was taken instead
They carried him away for another night and day
And after a while the darkness disappeared
It was the moment of arrival he feared
'Cause he thought the journey was now all over

The enlightenment was shocking
They put him in a zoo
Plenty of beasts there
And no way out of there too
He was to be imprisoned
For the rest of his life And all the loneliness
Without a wife
What a damned, what a damned future

And while he was pondering about his bad, bad luck
About the hopeless situation he was stuck in
The door opened a little and they thrust somebody in
He stumbled over there to find out what it means
What a gas when he looked there down to the ground
It was a beautiful girl that he had found
He took her tenderly by the arm
And said to her, don't feel no harm
Don't bother to worry, everything is okay
'Cause future ain't tomorrow
Future is today

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