Down there on the football place
I saw my sister burning
They tied her to a railway track
And made her blue eyes turning
Her dog was sitting by her feet
The whole night he was howling
On hasty pant the judge came down
Slavering his golden gown
They say she was the one
Who made the rain turn into black
They brought my sister to trial
Cutting her face from her smile

On the holy waterfront
The people stand there waiting
To see her blonde hair lighted
To see her blood drip on the floor
She suddenly stood alone
Shut down by silver and gold
The priest came and kissed her hand
My daughter! Soon you'll be released
They say you are the one
Who stole the neighbour's babies
The witness pointed at the chimney
And said this is her way home

Down there in the gloomy room
Widows versed in law came soon
My daughter! We are so polite
We make your dirty face white
Her lungs gasped in the fire
Her signs were flying higher
The mechanical voice of the guard
Was always repeating the same
They say she was the one
Who came walking across the sea
They cut the tree of her life
With their hypnotic life

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