I was standing in the shadow of your smile yesterday
And I felt so doggone safe for a while yesterday
I was ready to leave my snail shell made of fear
But you just turned your back at me and left me sitting here
On my gear

Snowy Sundays melt in sunlight, stormy Mondays grow to ice
A lonely voice needs to the desert on his way to paradise
White tornadoes shake the palm trees with Sundays turning blue
But my shotgun full of jewels will help me to get through
To you

Don't you know that I was paying long long years a lot of dues?
And don't you know that I was waiting all these years just for you?
I keep trying to unfold myself, but you just take a bet
That the gunman at the station's saying,
"Man you can't do that yet"

'Cause you're playing much too rough now for that lady from the moon
And you do not really love her, you're just looking for a spoon
To leave your troubles at the doorway of this castle down in Spain
The strangers try to make it again and again

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