Wilhelm, Wilhelm, the nation needs you
'Cause a Kaiser is needed partout
Voluntarily willing
A welcome way in Compiègne

Ma-Ma-Maria-Theresa meets Marie-Louise
Kurfürstendamm relates to the peace of Schönbrunn
Deliberately puzzling
The crème de la crème of their age

Rien ne va plus à Sedan said Napoléon le troisième
For the sake of saving his face
Unwillingly visiting
Wilhelmshöhe im Wald

"Mirror, mirror," asks Bismarck beaming
Who's united in this land
Deliberately lending
A hand to a entente cordiale

Garibaldi's glorious gladiators
Guard the peace south the Limes
Simultaneously willing
Rosso bianco e verde

General, General who guards the Grand Canyon
Ulysses liberalises the KKK's regime
Indefinitely ruling
From '69 to '77 pm

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