Verse 1:
They were the sweetest words I'd ever heard
My heart could barely take it in
Like water offered to the lips
Of a tired and thirsty man
Cause it's a tangled web I've woven
I don't know all the reasons
But it amazes me to wake up
To Your mercy every morning

So I'm standing here and spinning 'round
In the fields of freedom
And I'm still alive and reaching out
And I can feel the healing
(Cause you say...)
Come on out come on out, come on out come on out
Out in the open
Come on out come on out, come on out come on out
Into the light
There is no jury, there is no judge
Ready and waiting
Are the steady arms of love
Verse 2:
For the sake of never making waves I
Kept my secrets to myself
And no one ever really knew the
Darker shadows of my heart
But I will be a witness
That there's nothing in me dark enough
The power of forgiveness
Cannot rescue from the deep


Instrumental: (same chords as 1st have of chorus)

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