Verse 1

When you first walked into my life,
Was so happy, you just made me smile.
I'd do anything that you'd like.
But after a little while...

Pre 1
All these questions 'bout,
Where I've been,
Where I'm goin,
Who's that callin' on the phone.
What's become of the,
Guy I met?
I just wish,
You would leave me alone.

Cos I'll be who I wanna be,
And I'll see who I wanna see,
I won't go changin for nobody.
And I'll do what I wanna do,
Screw you if you don't like it too.
I won't go changin' no, no not me.

Verse 2

I just keep on wonderin why?
Always comes as a surprise..
That people think that they got the right,
To tell me how to live my life.

Pre 2
Too much talk about,
What I wear,
Style my hair,
Seems like it's always wrong.
The advice line just,
Never stops,
Time to tell,
Everyone to step off.
Just back off.


Ain't about bein rght,
I just go with my instinct.
And I trust myself.
That's what I do,
Whay don't you,
Keep your mind on you.


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