Accane occltism inscribed in blood
Black arts summon spirits burn within
Arise incubi and succubi
Dmps of the perverse delight in sin
Victorious poisoned ecstasies
Tenebrous wings enshroud proclaim
Evoking the wan beholder of the night
Lust impiety bestial faith

Tragos aperdiomenos
La'ir L'azazael
Lasus Luciferi
La'ir L'azazael

Necromancy from dammation's depths
Exalted invocations praise
Blasphemous orgiastic doom cult
Withered bands of glory blaze
Guardians of the sado catechism
Sorcery of high proscription
Zealous disciples thou shalt suffer
Abhorrence abyssic Desolation



Daughters of Lilith plummet ever downwards
Black hearts befoul the wound of Christ
Darkness Drowning witchery crowning

Frozen semen frozen stars
Frozen spears of destiny
Hexensabbat blood of menses
frozen semen frozen stars
frozen spear of destiny
hexensabbat Goat of mendes...

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