Born of sin and sacrifice
The tyrant seed of Germanicus
Destined for kingdoms of slaughter
Morbid revelations and incest
A viper lurking in the bosom of Rome
Wherefore forever stifles the light
He who is fallen

Witching swords and fratricide

Immortalized - perversion enthroned
Canonized - champion of ruin
Serpent obscene - walls bleeding black
Sadistic god - Caligula

Walls bleed black with intrigue
Beneath the throne of veneration
Cruelty's banner full eclipse

Success through suffocation
Where brothers kill their fathers
And murdered sons insist
That the fallacy of loyalty
Invokes a serpent's kiss


Praetorian master
Sacrificial lamb
Persecute - torment
Blood stained hands

Command the in name of Senate and the People
Let Saturnalian rites be raised
Uphold in desecrate mockery
The rigors of defamatory praise
Proud wives condemned to harlotry
To the fornication of barbarism
Wedded to the torture despicable acts
Lust deviance and sadism

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