[Verse 1]
I’m running, running through the jungle
Running like a slave through the underground tunnel
Told y'all niggas better get these bitches
Cause I spit till my lips need 16 stitches
I am lyrical intrusion
You bitches can’t see me like I’m really an illusion
I hop up on your face and do my motherfucking two-step
Till I knock the meat out like a motherfucking toothpick
Uh, I’m nasty nigga, like Nas, like Kim, like Cassie pictures
Like I’m fucking Chris Stokes or that Raz-B nigga
Or the skin on the feet of a ashy nigga
I am whatever they say I am
Bumping like the asses on them thick bitches at Stadium
Fuck them other bitches I sound better in the place of them
I killed this shit, this the motherfucking requiem

Sick bitch, chicken noodle soup face
Calls from overseas like a motherfucking crusade
Crack rock and you can hit it till your nose hurt
Rooftop Brooklyn, made this shit in Covert
I run New York, I run New York

[Verse 2]
I am zero past a hundred, spitting like a dragon
That went missing from a dungeon
Y’all a bunch of niggas getting trippy off of nothing
Tie a rope around your neck and let me kick you off a bungee
I’m satan, and I’ma take your ass to church now
Running my fields and you midgets on your first down
I love it when these bitches know I’m better than them
Cause I don’t hear, not a word or a letter from them
I’m a fire in the midst of a forest ‘round bitches
And I rap elliptical orbits round bitches
Anaconda, I sit with an open mouth, bitches
And you bitches are lyrically
Like some fucking down syndrome, no offense
No shade 'n all, but y’all bitches on knees like babies crawl
You can catch me out in Covert, chilling like a stoop kid
Yeah I hear you, don’t talk bitch, do


[Verse 3]
I’m a lyrical criminal general
Take shots, but never subliminal
Don’t stop, ever continual
Running and running but never in intervals,
Can’t even stomach the shit that I’m finna do
Y'all niggas want the shit that I’m giving you
If you front, I’m gon' put and end to you
I’m like Scorpion, bitch I will finish you
'Make It Nasty', real real nasty
Why you bitches running like you will get past me?
Won’t happen, you bitches could get on, when I’m off it
Try to cross me now, you be gone in a coffin
It’s just me, myself and I
Talk tough shit and I’ma beat you till you die
Ask why? Because I’m better than you’ll ever be
That’s why my shit make your shit seem lighter than Heavy D


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