What's a king to a God?
What are humans to the king of the sky this pride that I'm wearing an this things on my mind
Got me dressing up my wounds but my scenes the disguise can't let em see me hurting can't let em think that they on top of me
Tell em all I'm Pass Go Mrs. fucking Monopoly
Small town bred girl lyrically a metropoly been runnin the game african name
Basically ain't no stoppin me living a nation of rich niggas animal planted and ditch diggers
Smooth talks and shit pitchers do whatever it takes to get niggas
It's all sad it's really a shame the one we look up to is really the same is corruption really to blame?
The shit that they talking is really the same was really the aim to get you to listen and to pay attention you notice the difference
You notice that the end is closer to the beginning but let me talk a bit slower for you dum it down kids making a bar a lil bit lower for you
A dumb kid is just a kid you can't teach the skies no longer a limit just somewhere you can't reach ahh
How it feel to know ya own niggas laughin at you and the niggas from your hood keep clapping at you
You tryna run but the pain keep growing and the past is repeated so the stains keep showing
And the world is a cold place, maybe the wrong place, and your friends tell you stay hard like stone face
A lot of shit you can't understand like where you come from in the motherland, why Columbus stole my mothers land
Or why they dealing us the underhand? why the fuck we don't get no say so and whenever we say so they just wanna say "grow up"
A lot of shit we can't get past like dark and light skinned when it's just black or whether free men are really just that and
Why these asians can't just rap why the fuck all our roads pre assigned to us? why they tryna make the past be the bind to us?
Nigga open up your mind be the blinds for you don't let these mother fuckers be your fucking blind folds
You think your favorite rappers are just coincidence? You think the sound change was just the instrument?
You don't get the undertone they trying implement? Shit I guess you really don't get it then
See this world has been designed for the guppies and niggas in highest power are really the biggest puppets
And know that I don't believe in the curse of a generation just know that the fucking past is only intimidation
Know that it's only a reminder that only hinders your greatness and know that the fucking devil is in the form of these haters
Who are in the form of these majors and know that your fucking speach is the biggest form of betrayal and
Since life is merely a conversation pay attention to the words and the lyrics they be saying
Pay attention to them saying the realest is what they claiming the look behind all they words and see what they all displaying
Is nothing really real huh? they ain't got shit that you can feel huh? cause none of it is tangible no church in the wild
We goverend by fucking animals hello Mr. Obama, Comma Mrs. Obama comma future elections, hello Hillary Bottom
Tell me what are the stakes boiling pot to the plate we can kill something steal something what the fuck does it take
Then tell em you're just a face that represents the choices they make and tell em they don't make changes only bigger mistakes
And tell em I said fuck em thanks for bunches of nothing land of the fucking free and home of the short comings
Who put the guns in the palms of the ghetto introduced the colored kids to the psalms of the ghetto
Who made it just a medal for the seeds of the soul of the slaves of the pasts that they ain't let go
I talk to God but I swear it's so different because the pains so loud that I can bet he won't miss it
But the rain slow down I regain my old vision and the blur from the pain and the craze go missing ah
Need a sign just one time they don't want you in your real they don't accept your kind
But the struggle leads to greatness life is not just a given this shit is what you make it ah

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