Notorious B.I.G.:
All up in my back
All up in my back
All up in my back trying to take my track

Rose up from the bottom of the pump like a fleshlight
And all you weezy bumb bitches got your chest tight
Weak bitch you couldn't beat me with your best might
I'm burning rubbers on hoes with the condom over least
Hold up, I'm busy killing these bitches
If not that then I'm giving them stitches
I'm burning them down then I'm cutting these bitches
If they talk shit then I'm kicking they lips in
If you talk shit then I'm kicking your lips in
They trippin' with blunts, they literally splittin'
I'm all in your face, I've got something to spit in
Hold up, wait - time for recollection
If rap is crucified, bitch I'm the resurrection
The best kept secret - You is indiscretion
I'm here to fucking teach em', you the fucking lesson
You and me a wild fire to a matchstick
I'm a fucking problem, you don't wanna add this
Hold up you don't wanna add this
Better yet go learn your shoes and your bags bitch

Every time I hear that part for the rest of my life
I'm gonna die of laughter
Oh wait, wait, I was the first person to hear "Succubi"
Oh whatever the fuck you called that weak ass diss to Jim Jones
You know when you had bitches up in your hood trying find dirt on you
Or like the time you were the studio with Missy Elliott
And she was scared to be in the studio with you, remember

Bitch I'm from the 313
Whip the fuckin' meat cleaver out like who want beef
Fuck you gonna do with this Diplo flow
Dissed you on own your shit, you should dip low ho
Wait, I want you bitches so scared that your mental break
So you forever be broke with expensive taste
I bet you won't leap, ol' frog ass bitch
Pussy ass Courage the Cowardly Dog ass bitch
Hold up

Or like when you were texting me about Kreayshawn, remember
"Let's steal her fans, we're not really friends with this bitch"
And I was like, oh ok, we're all good
Bitch, I got ammo on you
Bitch, you don't want war
But we're just gonna tell what happened when we were together

I was in the City, chillin' with a bum bitch
Who was on Twitter, talkin' like she run shit
You was in my text, looking for some pity, bitch
"I'm at the bar alone on some Sex in the City shit
My boyfriend left me, my heart finna' break"
Bitch, you be fucking niggas on they oxygen tank
Shit, I be making moves, bitch, plotting my fate
Looking at you wack hoes like who's spot should I take
Wait, Rocawear, Rainbow, now you're on your Wang shit
Rapunzel gon' be missing like her edges and her bangs is
Really, I was hoping you would clap first
But either way I'mma gonna give you that work
I'm the one everybody say you can't be
You know it too, cause I'm the only one you ain't tweet
Nappy-headed Chia pet, ghetto fucking Easter Bunny
Eat up every track, Esta Noche - Munchi

I'm like genuinely laughing on this shit
That's why she doesn't really talk much
Cause like I just want you to have the balls to respond to me, bitch
Don't tell me when you're going to London for a month
Don't say, oh, you're so
Wait, wait, wait, wait, I see you hung out with Paul Epworth
Did he play you the track that I ripped
Did he play your style that I stole, bitch
Give me the beat, let me work that bass
He played that for me, I didn't like it
Bitch put an album out
I think my album's more done than yours
And I just started a week ago
You out here sleeping on studio floors
Wasting money on Digi-videos and Photoshop
Stop it, bitch

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