You are the song that I write to my wrongs
The calm inside of the rioting storm.
Stand here, in the center of divinity
While I rehears the role of forever, infinity.
Action, I begin to relish in the moment
Discarding my reality, imagining components
Fracturing mentalities, I'm casualty spoken
If warning comes before destruction, you're the omen.
And, I'm just broken by the sight of you
I'll climb your mental mountains til I reach the very height of you.
Excessive intellect, superhead.
If they fly, we flu... sudafed.
Dear respiration, please let me breathe.
Take my good intentions and never let them leave.
I'm the warrior, you're the war worth fighting.
Racing for your heart, I'd dash... hyphen.
You're the perfect piece, my only consummation.
I would force close, the widespread legs of separation.
Visually perceptive, in you I see the most.
Iwrotethiswithoutspaces, I'm trying to keep us close.
I heard the sun used tongue when it kissed your face
Then eclipsed, cause the moon fought to take it's place
Heard gravity exits wherever you enter
'Cause baby, you're colder than 17 winters.
Now open up your eyes, I wanna fall inside
Then trip into your soul, and stay there for my life.
Yeah, this shit is perfect like it fits right
I'm for real, man it hit me harder than a fist fight.
One and our heart beats speak with a flow
Unbreakable, like Mr. Deeds and his toes
Now the keys in the hole; in the sheets, here we go.
Bed wrinkled more than tissues from a seasonal cold.
When my neck's lost, I can see the stars around you
The sky is just a big connect-the-dots and I found you.
In the center of it, the bigger picture of it
We gon' see everything but the ending of it
My crimson stained eyes, still see you lucidly
If beauty's in the eye of the beholder, then what does beauty see?
Blind eyes closed, no staring in your presence
Deaf eardrums, still could hear your essence
The dumb spoke of your beauty in sign language
It's amazing how good it can be described ain't it?
I mind framed it, your visage painted
And If I look away, my vision's tainted.
This my weaker part, it's my deeper art
Emotions on blast, turned up, my speaker heart.
Love is the language that I'm speaking fluently
I'm teaching it to you, since it's only meant for you and me
And if ever I'm lost, I'll let your compass guide me
Cause you're the only one who's ever raised the sun inside me.
They tell me do it from my soul, no questin'
Til I can't breathe, nasal congestion.
You'll never miss a kiss, I'm like a puffer fish
Always on top of my words like an upper lip
I wanna be the poetry that spills from your brains
The thoughts that remain, the blood in your veins
You hold the price on my head like a contract chase
You hold everything I see like a contact case
If haters wanna watch tell em order fandango
Make an ordinary girl, feel like a borderline angel.
Snatch it from my chest and take it with you when you leave me
Take my lungs too, so you literally breath me
I could hear the heaves singing like christmas carols;
Bullets for thoughts, spinning like pistol barrels.
I can't keep you to myself, I wanna let you shine
I'd melt into your body until we are entwined
I just really wanna see you smile from your soul
Directly into the mirrors of these eyes that I hold.

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