There is something he can do to me
That no one else really can
Turn me into Jello after "hello how ya been?"
And a few little words can put me
Under this lad's spell
Make it easy
Like peaches n' cream
Make it easy
Like 1, 2, 3


Mountains are simply mysteries
And boys are just rocks
Girls try to move out of the way
Before they end up torn apart
The saftey net of relationships is blown way out of the way
To love me is easy
Like one of your dreams
To love me is easy
Like scooping mint ice cream

Taking each smile at face value
I'm taking in all that you do
Boy, it's all that you do
And life is a bowling ball
And I'm ready to fall
He makes trust look easy
Like fresh banana bread
It's so easy
Just like he said

It's just like he said...

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