Smash a stake through heart of God
Towers rip heaven apart
Shining bastille of future
Built by poor hands from India
Opulent palace built on trash

Blood remembers from flesh to ash
Don't need control over androids
When they're overfeed and paranoid

Wanted, yearning
Tithed to a god who's always needing
Compulsion, demanding
Worship debt, forever bleeding

Torch the whole fucking nest
Take the queen, ditch the rest
Carbon beauty, shred the lips
Take the queen, ditch the rest

Embers of a dying race
Getting out what they put in
Longer stay, more you're trapped
I have a dream, you have an addiction

Cashing in on low supply
Some things don't change
There ain't no lie, like an old lie
Turning the meat cakes into slaves

Washed up, liquidated
Shared broken dreams of slaves and kings
Paradise breeds obese lazy fucks
A nation without ethnics

Not in denial I am defiant

Skin your trophy
Black and sticky
Lurid pretty
Razor candy

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