Found a bullet name scratched in
Walking bag of meat fake opinion
Switched on market hype
Over-run with parasites
Terrified to be boxed
Fixated on the fear of emptiness
Dead cynic no remains
Splatter the walls with unremarkable grey

Carcass does what it's been told
(Horror. Burn. Brought. Sold.)
Never questions what it's seen

This is what you need
Addiction, overpowers greed
This thirst is a must
Drugged up on hyperlust

Dead suspended robot dream
Just fodder for the machines
Concrete poured into your gut
Vermin slave open shut
Push paper in the dark
Fail-safe system for the caste
Last words before you die
"What the fuck did you do with you life"

Shit kicker obeys every word
(Cheat. Murder. Steal. Decay.)
Discovered by some guy with a spade

She worked tirelessly, maybe to appease her mother
Thinking it would atone for all her personal failings
Slave away until you're free
Hide your shattered soul from others in this almighty first world prison

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