Sweet gluttony, she says to me
Kill 'til you go insane with pleasure
Let me scream, obesity
Bloody curses for a god who can not hear
My carcass, my carcass, swells with excitement
Grand things luscious with tar in their hair

My duchess, mistress, bloody dementia
Bless the bread with St. Anthony's fire

Princess pout, rips her teeth out
Shards of her lover now spill on the floor

Lord Slain, royal insane
Parts of him gummed up under her nails

Dried up vacated, girl mutilating
Vindication sits where her curls use to be
The smoking, the squealing, cut throat vixen
Ashes outline where a king used to plea

Shotgun duke, holes in the roof
(While) Pervert princess peel off their faces
Burning and misery, maggots for jewelary
The mad queen black as aces
The drowning the filth spasms and death

Diamond studded fists demand more, more more!
Demotic,convulsing, the choir rejoicing
Not going to hell, we're bringing it here
All things shiny, court frenzy
Severely pathological, blood orgy

Building will fall
Heaven don't care
Gods in contortion
Let them eat distortion

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