Your tongue
Bores me numb
Terror toma carcinoma
Speaking for you

Shallow opinion,
Acid fetish toy in the shape of YOU
Look very beautiful [beautiful]
Deranged, deauched, denued

On that stainless steel cot.

Enter Herr Surgeon
Take up the bowie knife
And play join the dots.

[Vena Carver
Heart Starter
The Doctor is in 2x]

Your fist
Judas kiss
Writhing carcass
New Lazarus ravenous blood

Razor Devil Child
Drugged up aristocrat
Completely fucked up with formalities

Empty, Heiress, Tantrums
Psycho, with a gun
Finger heracy
Clean out the poison when you cut out your tongue

(Heart removed neatly with a bowie knife
Pick up the blade and join the dots) 4x

[Vena Carver
Heart Starter
The Doctor is insane 4x]

The Doctor is insane (4x)

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