If I hear I the sorry one would time for you
I swear I'm gonna lose it, you don't want me to lose it
How-ow hard it to speak, for you to tell the truth
I've heard it all before, and I won't take it anymore

I'm tired of hearing "I'm gonna change"
And seeing you play this games
I see with you, it's easier said than done
I'm tired of giving you one more chance
And I'm saying you've had your last
I see with you, it's easier said than done

It has been a year or so, since you've started this
Hanging out to the early morning with your boys, drinking like a fish
Boy, I love you and all, but I got a thing about me and the kid
Baby, this ain't no way to live

Chorus x2

When you've done all that you can do
Don't let a man trouble get the best, the best of you
Believe half of what you see, and half of what you hear
Cause when you put them together you come up with..
Nothing or whatever, I'm tired

Chorus x2

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