If I couldn't speak a word
Would they know that I believe your truth
If my voice were never heard
Would they see that I trust in You
When I follow you It's more than what I say
My life needs to show them you're the way

Don't want to sing about a love
I never show to anyone
I can't say that I'm redeemed and not live like I'm free
It took so song to realize that I've mistaken wrong for right
If I don't love you with my life

Father please forgive me for all the times that I've let you down
I know that they should see you before I make a sound
Everyday I want to live like you
But I've lost my way if what I says not what I do

With my heart and my soul
Lord when they see me I want them to know
You mean more to me than the songs I sing
More than anything

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