There's a part of me no one sees
No one ever finds
There's a mystery deep inside
The constant struggling of who I am
And who I want to be
I'm always trying to decide
And it feels like forever
It feels like I'm wasting my time

Then you
You opened up my eyes and now I see
That you
Will finish what you started here in me
So I choose
To follow you and leave it all behind
I'm not giving up this time
You're worth the fight

In the heart of me I believe
That there will come a day
When every piece of my will be rearranged
I'm hopeful as I wait
Hanging on each word you say to me
I know I'm better off this way

Your worth
Every mountain I will have to climb
These wars raging in my soul and in my mind cause
I'm sure that one day I'll be looking in your eyes
And that's worth the fight

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