I can't seem to understand why you love me
You hold me in your hand so patiently
Cause anybody else would of turned
And walked away
When I struggle with my humanity
And my mistakes overhelm me
Still you know everything
And you don't look away

Whatever I can't erase
Whatever I can't undo
When I can't find the faith
To make it through
You open up your hands of love
And cover with your grace
Whatever I can't undo
Whatever I can't erase

So many times I wanted to hide from you
So many times I tried to lie to you
But you never let me get past the very first word
You said that you already knew the truth
And all you wanted was for me to come back to you
And find a love waiting that can always reverse

Your blood is all powerful it's undeniable
The change you've made in me
You've set me free

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