Hold my flag high sweet surrender
Fed myself and i'm so sorry
Lifted up and i began believing
Words of affirmation
Taken from their rightful owner
Clear to pass, distraction is defeated

Even though i am a vessel
Surrounded by a thousand angels
I forget, neglect it, at times complacent
Feed this mind with wisdom
Avoid all thoughts premeditated
Life is at it's best in, simplicity too

And i am nothing but a slave
As self belief will lie and keep me down
My selfishness now lies in waste
I've learned to keep in sight
The people who've fallen

Broken i'm down, falling
Broken i fall into place
Broken i'm down, falling
Broken i'm broken

Building all on faith and only
Saying what is good and noble
Relentless mouth piece for the people i love
Clear to pass and worthy
I do nothing for his perfection
All i am and even need to be too

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