Started out on the team just fine
medals up in the loungeroom gleaming
shoot he scores, his father smiles on
Came to age found there's more to life
father frowned as he failed to see it
visions of a champion that he never was
and his son threw it all away
Calling off the 'what's yours is mine'
leaving out all the thought and reason
father screams "this is where you get off"
Caught between mother broken cries
heart is torn left and right, two pieces
gifted son is tortured as her feelings have gone cold...
And I guess I'm right
Breathing for the first time out
Wisened up as the years go by
but lonely so hard that you can see its
drowning him and pushing you off
Summoned up now for one more try
"dad I'm sorry, cant you see
its you I need not some championship
or scholarship or so."

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