Dip thoughts in the abyss of night
Let the consciousness sleep

You pace distant valleys again
You see claws of the highest peaks
Digging into the magic sky
It's night and everything is so clear
You came to the edge
To the place where he fell
Sky is always darker there
And poisoned ground remains fruitless

The one who fell, shouted only once
Breath thrown out of his lungs saturated the air
The word that tore the curtain of silence
Constantly returns
Angel of light

I am before Absu
I am before Nar Marratu
I am before Anu
I am before Kia

You are surprised by the shape of mountains and slopes?
When it happened they were very young
Too young and his sliding on hills shadow

Didn't give them the stigma
Why are you shaking?
Does paleness of the sun (worry you)?
Does it seem to you
That (even) the sun is frightened by this place?
Your heart beats too fast
When you touch strangely smooth stones
Flesh to flesh, soul to soul

No man shall rise (before me)
I swallow each second (the universe)
I am the incarnation of dreams
I am the wisdom of all those years
You open your eyes, the mountains disappeared
And the barren ground, the sun and the air aren't sick anymore
There remained the anxiety
About the echo rattling somewhere in the nooks of the subconscious

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