How can you sleep?!
Don't you remember?!
Being a child you dreamed of this.

Why are you lying motionless?
How can you be indifferent to the world
Which is expecting you to change it?
It needs your help.

Don't you feel your life is passing you
While you are waiting for better moments.
Just don't drive me mad with your complaints!!!

Making plans for uncertain future,
You forget you have to go through now.
Just don't drive me mad with your complaints!!!

Paint your grey eyes into pink
You'll see the shadows disappear
Make your lazy heart beat faster
Dry your face from salty dampness
You have too little time to be sad
I'll not let you infect me
Wake up! Catch up with me!
Run away from your deep sadness!

It's unfair that day and night are so short
We risk not fulfilling all our dreams
This throbbing* thought in my head
Doesn't let me take a rest

Every morning when I open my eyes
I have to switch on the sun
'Cause nobody cares if I'm alive
So don't drive me mad with your grumbling!!!!

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