It all melts to static.
what a goddamned phrase. the sockets stripped away.
the thorns in paradise are mine. spinning tighter, there's a screw loose.
this time there's no goodbyes left.
this time whispers catch in a throat chained to black clouds, trapped between personifications of drear and the climaxed. this time I think I fucking lost it
this time I think maybe breathing is overrated. watch it play itself out every night.
if it's this bleak now I can't imagine the overcast to come.
so scream for me, this keeps me this close to you.
scream for me bleed in.
oh yeah, bleed out, yeah. spiraled and spinning.
my headis swimming, the chamr has worn off.
beads of water save my heart from hypothermia.
six digits and hang up the line.
who knew a dial tone could rattle this cage so.
I'm not sure I can go on. drunk on tears kiling hopes inhibitions.
you don't give a damn, and that's okay.
you've got me wrecked and ruined. insomnia just caught up with me at the grave end of the shovel.
far beyond sleeplessness medicated and obsessed so far beond sleeplessness, medicated and collapsed but only in my head, fist smashing my teeth.
dreaming in frostbite and grey.
Fixated on devices of closure.
Hold on tight tonight, tomorrow might not come today. midnight in a perfect world.
clutch this close and hope it won't snap, it's midnight in a perfect world and I crave contact.
hold your breath, we'll live forever.
it's midnight and I'm on the edge of disaster.
sometimes it all comes down.
sometimes it all comes down to this moment.

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