We used to dream about changing the world
With a style that was universal
Real and commercial
Heal and immerse you in the waters
Tired of seeing lost black sons and daughters
But in 94 we slipped a notch, no juice over the years
Couldn’t piss the pot
Hip hop went insane but 10 years later back in the game
C’mon push up the faders cuz we believe in miracles

I believe in miracles yeah yeah
I believe in you

And harriet tubman would tell us…

Don’t stop yawl get down, just rock yawl get down

We’re made of more than this, don’t let em define us, don’t let em confine us we’re warriors
From the underground railroads we sneaked through swamps to sit vip in a restaurant
Hill side projects get down
North shore projects get down
They give us platinum medallions to cover our hearts
Keep us far away from the most powerful parts of us
Cuz if they keep us looking outside then we won’t bother looking inside
I’m too old a dude to be scared of flopping we’re from the old school this is real hip hopping
And we talk about what we see, won’t dumb it down
Cuz I ain’t around dumb company
We smarter than this
And we can come harder than this and do a brag rap on the next song on the disc
Cuz right now you know you’re all in the midst of miracles!

I believe in miracles yeah yeah
I believe in you

B-boy filipino’s asians latinos you feel me as I kick this stee-lo?
Cyphers round the world got a knife around the neck of the world
But only demanding respect & girls
What a waste of power-hip hop in the most powerful hour
Like babel we’re building our tower
But we got a chance – while the whole worlds under our trance
Who’s gonna use it so the folks can advance
Cuz we believe in miracles

I believe, I believe in you take me higher

I believe in miracles yeah yeah
I believe in you

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