Verse 1:
I thought you were a friend of mine but i was wrong
You triedto fit in toe arms where i belong
You moved right in behind my back
Everyone knows friend don't do that

Verse 2:
I thought you were somebody i could trust
You always said you were happy for us
How could you go and break my heart?
When you knew all along he was mine from the start

He is everything to me
And you know were meant to be
He's my baby
Don't mess with my love
Take everything i own
Ooh just leave that boy alone
He's my baby
Don't mess with my
Mess with my love
Don't mess with my love

Verse 3:
You came right overand looked in my eyes
You said the stories were rumors and lies
And i wish i could believe in you
But i'm sorry to say he told me the truth


Friends don't do what you do
There's no excuse
I'm so confused
I thought you cared about me
But now i see
All you care is about is you


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