Sunday afternoon, I'm going do something else
out of the ordinary
Look over your shoulder, try to make some sense
of the days gone by
I don't see anything at all, we all need some time to change
If you fly away, won't you take me with you, please I want to
Stay awhile, make you smile, won't you whisper in my ear
When the evening comes, break away
and find the quiet place
And I won't move, I won't breath til you reveal
The secrets of your heart that I desire
we all need some time to change
In the sweetness of your presence, let this glory come down
And the beauty of your face, I am overwhelmed
I need more of you
And the beauty of your presence
I will fall on my knees oh God
Take me away as I dream of you
I am here to stay on my bended knee
And I will pray for more of you

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