It's one of them summer days
Where the heat can take your breath
It's one of them summer days that
Leaves you kind of restless
So baby lets do somethin' about it somehow
Make plans for later on, right now

We'll take the babies to your Mama's
We'll hug and kiss them goodnight
And rock each other on a dirt road
Or on a sand bar in the moonlight
We'll let ourselves go back in time
Press rewind
For a minute we will chill
We'll stand still
While the world keeps
Spinnin' spinnin' spinnin'
It's always spinnin' spinnin' spinnin'

It's one of them summer days
Makes you wanna go to the river
Sit back and relax
Forget what you don't wanna remember
Baby I know you wanna do that too
So let's take a moment for me and you
It's spinnin'

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