Chi-ki chi-ki chi-ki

* Chi-ki chi-ki
Chi-ki chi-ki chi-ka
Chi-ki chi-ki
Chi-ki chi-ki chi-ka

Chi-ki chi-ki
Chi-ki chi-ki chi-ka

Move soft
Breathing and it feels like
In my heart
Tell me, boy
Make my finger run around

Baby, tell you
How to get that heaven
Where we can get together
Baby, you don't have
To worry 'bout that

Go give all your best
Through that
We'll fly away to paradise
Loving to the night
Oh, baby feel my love

** Maybe you can melt in my arms until morning
I'm gonna show you what love is mean to me
Gonna wake up your past, come and to stay
Honey, melt down my heart
Baby, you can melt in my arms just before me
I'll be your shelter just know fun
Let me take you to dream, just give the thing
Two hearts is with all us forever, together

Chi-ki chi-ki chi-ka

* Repeat

So close
Closer to the edge of heaven
All the night
Breathing in the sea of love

Baby, tell me 'bout your love desire
What you're gonna do to me
Just do what you want to do
My, my baby

That's the way love is
I wanna give you devotion
Do you feel like I feel
Or am I all alone?

** Repeat
Chi-ki chi-ki chi-ka

* Repeat (x2)

** Repeat

No oh, no oh, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, oh no, oh no...

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