Love, regret, fear and hate
All these emotions never will fade
Hear, they are calling from the other side
And are wondering just who we are with eyes
So full of pride

Pain is to bleed as the worn flesh decays
Life tonr apart, the end's on its way

Never let this happen
Hear the angels crying

In darkest blood, throught despair left concealed
Suffer unfulfilled dreams out of wounds never healed

Force fed by chaos, erupting disease
Fragments of scattered realties

You hae never thought about losing your soul

Forlorn souls echo throught visions surreal
Stifled hoarse cries with salvation's last tear

And now you've found it out, you are lying on the ground
At one cold dark night, no stars glittering
Lost souls whimper with fright
And voices are singing

In the ashes of a tortured world, they cease to be
Emerging from the ashes in a fatal sympathy
And for the last time hear them scream in
Neverending pain, the mightiest wings even
Cannot escape hell's wrathful flame

Fed by human arrogance, no regard to nature
They truted in manmade hate
Angels cryning, angels crying, my angel's crying
When angels crying, the taunting demons arise

Now their loud cries cho throught the night
While they beg for remission by the spherical might
No one will forgive this hate bred misery
And the angels are still crying, their eyes are full of tears

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