In my face you see angel cry
I my face pain
In my mind disturbance and kill
I my heart no love

And I´m dead flower
And you so far, and you so down

Sometimes you meet beauting in yours own spirit
Sometimes you die inside
And I cry when see yours feelings
And I cry you soul

And you are dead flower
But you still condemn me, and I fake not to notice

The days only feed my pain
My enemies try to take me to the hell
They put end to my innocence
Since I see the world of black eyes

But I´m dend flower
God me of a help, I don´t want to implore to die

In my eyes you see pain, feeling and blood
I am a forgotten, joining my remains
Don´t look in my face, don´t condemn me
I am a hurt, fort the hell that became this world

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