It seems the right time is never
the right time
For you to open up your heart
and let Him in
You've said it all. I've heard it all
So tell me when will it end
I know you're feeling that you're
not good enough
I know you're thinking that you
don't deserve His love
I've been there and done that
But you gotta understand that

His love is everlasting
His love is unconditional
His love is all forgiving
He loves you just the way you are
His love will lift you up
His love will never let you down
His love is more than enough
He loves you just the way you are

There is no mistake that you
could ever make
You'll never be turned away from
His saving grace
He's there for you. What will you
So tell me what will it take
You say you'll never get it
But there's no better love that you
will find
He will accept you, will not reject
No matter what you've done now


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