Return'd to your heaven upon our tattered wings to see of what's become the place that once was home
Trodding upon the splinter'd gates striding through the soulless guf elysian fields lay fallow, have we return'd for this?
For desolation striven Have the masses toil'd And so where have you gone? And so where have you gone?
Vainglory's light has blinded thee thinking you the one, true god. but forget not who carved thy thrones and who shall pull them down
Crown'd by the hand of man believing of what they're told: that you weren't here for them but they were here for you
And so is your folly revealed! To be loved above all else! Blinding with false light's truth! Masking Jealousy's motivations!
We're not here for them, they are here for us...
They're not here for us, we are here for them...

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