Rotten staff
My Sceptre
Sword of might
Swath Cutter
Shining Pestilence

Piercing storms
Open Gates
To the Stars

Revel in the spirit
On the road to hell
Ashes of the world
Scattered in the wake
What then in the coming of the morn?

Winds of Hunger
Ancients Rage of Centuries
Enfolding Thrice
Onto Selves
Etched outward in Time

Sand and Soil
Beneath my Claws
A Lion's Roar
Endless Choir
Comet Eyes ever-burning

When all your wishes are granted,
Many of your dreams will be destroyed!

What was I like when I was "I"?
When I was alive?

I live in the memory of others,
Not my own
They remember for me
They try to remind me
I am the Mire
I am Effigy
And into myself, I sink

I am turning to stone
Forever a Mask
Forever a Husk

My Kingdom surrounds me
Yet is hidden from my sight

Inner War in Eternal Wonder

Disappear in
Blood and Darkness

I am the Key to Obliteration
Body without Spirit
Spirit without Flesh

There are two of me:
One who Loves
One who Kills
I rise and become Negative.

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