Anoint. Alight. Align.
The Mind says, "I am not of the Body.
When the Body ceases, I will be set free.
I direct the Shell to move."
The Soul says, "I am not of the Body.
When Death comes, I shall reunite with the Void.
I am the Engine of the Vessel."
The Spirit says, "I am not of the Body.
If I die, there is no longer reason to Exist.
I am the fuel that fills the Form and gives it Power"
The Body says, "It is only through Me that you are realized.
I am that which makes you known. Without Me, you have no Home"
The Fire says, 'I am your Master. I govern you all as Passions.
The Body melts at my touch. The Spirit burns at ignition.
The Soul ashes at recession. The Mind an inferno at my stoking.'

Crippled - Salvaged - Assimilated
Asphyxia - Deluge - Collapse

Mechanism exposed
In atrophy
Slime - Corruption - Filth

Polyphonic choking
One ultimate prayer
For cessation

Our enigma of destination
A defined void
Thy mechanism plagued
Corporeal casket
In bloom
Relentless sacrifice
Thy ritualized absorbing cloak
Sterile devices of castrated passion
The airing of soiled, stained vestments
The preparation of thy temple
Sanctify thy altar
And tarry...

The lesser arrive
To fortify ego
To devour and prolong
Suffering upon
The traveler
The adept

His existence to illuminate
Yet thy ignorance manifest
Insight denied

Formulae turns immortal
Yet again denied
Delusion versus wisdom
Wisdom versus defeat

Build thy solar temple
Radiate thy measures
In failure of scheme
In favor of purity


Anoint. Alight. Align.

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