Warping foul Aeternity
A Palace of Empty Eyes
Wounds that forever feed
And ache when loss is gained

Acolyte of the Abyss
In Winds of Grief and Madness
Transcending the Other Side
Of Infinite Dimensions

Form hidden within
Tangible Reality
Hermetic power slumbers
Within the Shells

S?©ance of Galvanic Illusion
Rising from nowhere
Aeternally abandoning bones

As I write my Names
The stars go out
When all my Names are scribed
Matter returns to Divinity

Impression of a Soul
Yet Shadow
Dead residues
Of Manifestation

Now walk aloft this Kingdom
On limbs unclean, unwhole
Embrace the Quickening Abscess
Praise Hail the King of Sores

Recall the Names
Let them stir and shake
Rust from their chains
Raped unto the earth

The Names are writ
The Stars are gone

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