Hold me down, I am running
I can not hide, we all know why
And how do you pull me through?
You held me up everytime

You tell me I will be fine
And only you say what's right
And I'll hold you up anytime
You showed me what love really can be
And I...

Hold you tight
In my arms of love
All this time, you're listening to me
I now know why
You make me complete
You always say the perfect things,
You just know how to get to me
And now I will get through
I owe it to you
You took me away from where all my pain resides

Ooh oh Oooooh
And now oh...

Everything you do for me
I can not thank you enough
Everytime we talk on the phone
I want you to know
I will never leave you

And everytime you need someone
An open ear
An open heart
An open mouth
To say anything that you want to hear
And I now know how to love
And I will

Hold you in my open arms
And if I had the means, I'd take care of you
Come on girl
You mean the world to me
I'll show you everything
The whole world's new to me
Explore everywhere we can
And one day could it be,
Is near you, I will see

Come with me
Come with me

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