Grant me your wish now
I will be nothing but your child tonight!

Oh, once you soar, angels fly and,
In the sky, above our heads.
They look like, pretty creatures
Stay and with a dare

Hey you seen men of evil?
Why are you scared at night?
Leave your head beneath your pillow
Shh, don't make a sound.

Father Father
Grant me my wish now
Oh let me ride on the wings of death
I will fly with ravens
Scared by devotion
I will be nothing, nothing but your child tonight

Oh catch my breath, as we're flying,
Hand in hand, in my dreams
Take me high, even higher
Welcome Lady Death

Take your prayers, fallen angel
Close your eyes, night by night
You shall get what you wished for
Take me with you raven eyes, on your final ride tonight!

Into the deepest never-ending flight

Holy Father Holy Father
Please forgive my sins and deeds
Holy Father Father
Please forgive my sins and deeds

Holy Father, please forgive me
Holy Father, nothing but your child


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