I wanna see you

I wanna see you, I wanna see you
I always searched for you
But you can't see me
Always at your side
Soon you'll depart
You always gaze far away
Right past by heart
You're gazing at a faraway dream
...close to me...

Notice me... notice me
I'm always shivering
I'm here right now at seventeen
Can't go back to this moment later

The city wakes up now
Everybody begins to move
Even if it's a new day today
It'll become "yesterday" by tomorrow

Soon you'll depart
I'll see you off with a forced smile
I can become a bit stronger
I'll find my own dream
...maybe tomorrow...

I loved you, I loved you
As you chased your dreams
I want to love that seventeen-year old me, too
That gazed upon you

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